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last updated May 26, 2017

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"Do you believe only two people are making all that music?" -- a camper at Bear Hug, as reported in the Missoula Folklore Society newsletter 

You'll see me mostly fiddle-and-piano, and mostly with the same familiar faces: 

Other bands and people I've played with --


I've put my schedule on a separate page. It's only as up-to-date as I am...

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Contra dancing is quite popular in Seattle and elsewhere, for good reason. Live fiddle music and a rocking piano, and newcomers always welcome.

If you want to play -- who doesn't? -- I've got some workshop materials on playing piano for dances that I'm happy to send you. Just drop me a line. 

Also, as noted above, we hand out the Bandemonium! tape from 2006 to anyone who wants a full-dance-length live recording. Useful for calling, maybe too for the musical ideas. A sound sample (30s, mp3). 


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