Birthday 2020.

Yes, it's another year already. But the party scheduled for April 5 has been CANCELLED.

A word on quarantines

With heavy heart I have to pull the plug on Sunday's party. During a pandemic is not the time, Seattle is not the place, and we are an at-risk demographic for gatherings for social dancing. We sorely need the solace of social cohesion in these difficult times; but sadly group get-togethers like this one just don't work right now. The out-of-towners, in the main, were reluctant to travel (think of my ninety-six year old mom), and discussions with many of you in Seattle also helped guide me to this decision.

Don't spare concern for me. I'm just the guy who wears the hat at the party. So go do this instead: Figure out another way to help reinforce the social bonds that hold our community together. I'll post here whatever I come up with.

The local contra dances at Phinney and Lake City have been cancelled through March, and -- while we're standing by to play! -- we fully expect this current crisis won't be over in time for us to play in April.
Once the dances are back in full swing, and we get back on the calendar, we'll look into holding a substitute party.

Seattle is much in the news nowadays.
We will post any changes or updates here.

4401 W Bertona
XXXpm PDT Sunday April XXX, 'till XXX or so

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Here's where the "invitations" (flyers) used to be: (And somehow I'm still not looking older than last year!)

...and for the record, the 'small' flyer:

We are still scheduled, for now, to play the Phinney dance this year, on the Friday before (3 Apr), as well as the Lake City dance on Thursday (2 Apr), with Eileen Nicholson Kalfass and Continental Drift. Make sure to check with the organizers before attending. Each of these dances has been cancelled through the end of March.

Party Pictures from 2012

(anybody got some from more recent years?)
How far back can you remember? Here are some announcements from earlier years -- they start looking familiar after a while, don't they? (Thank you, Molly, for the original design.)
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13 March 2020