Alan Roberts and Eric Anderson: our history and style


We're occasionally asked for a paragraph or two describing us as a band, which I take to mean a combination of our history and our playing style. The following paragraphs should be suitable; feel free to excerpt or amplify as you see fit.
Alan Roberts and I played our first contra dance in Seattle at the dawn of the new millenium. Since then we've played over two dozen dances up and down Puget Sound, around the Pacific Northwest, at festivals and local dance halls, dances big and small. He plays a driving Southern style, heavily rhythmic; I complement it with a dynamic, rocking piano. We're both contra dancers, and our music is made for dancing. Our repertoire ranges from old-time tunes to Cape Breton jigs to Irish reels to New England classics, sometimes even all in the same set. People tell us we have a big sound for just two people.

You can find us at our home dance in Magnolia, third Saturdays, when we're not out traveling. This upcoming season we're playing a dance camp in Idaho, the Halloween dance in Vancouver BC, a swing through California, and the Wintergreen Dance Weekend in Bozeman, MT. Grab your shoes and come on out!
21 Aug 2001