S/Y De Liefde: MMSI 368055110

This page is an attempt to keep interested people informed on the whereabouts and progress of the sailing vessel De Liefde: The name of the boat comes from an early Dutch exploring ship. The name was bestowed by my immediately previous owner, and I saw no reason to change it.

Staying in touch

We have two satellite phones on board, and propose to check each for incoming text messages at least daily: In addition, you should be able to reach us by writing to svdeliefde@myiridium.net. Be aware that texts and e-mails to the boat address are shared among all the people on the boat at the time, so are not particularly private. Private messages should be conducted by voice, or (when in port) over WiFi.

A note on S/V versus S/Y.The US sometimes refers to sailing vessels, or S/V for short. The rest of the world, where this boat will be much of the time, refers to S/Y or sailing yacht, without any connotation of pretentiousness. See for example a Cruisers Forum thread. However, the name sydeliefde is already taken in many contexts (Gmail, myiridium.net, etc.), possibly by the previous owner of this boat! (Looking into it.). So: be aware that some of these identifiers and addresses are spelled with a v.

Breaking news... and list of updates

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Last updated: 30 November 2018