Birthday 2017!

Yes, Sunday again this year!! This means April 2

4401 W Bertona
3pm PDT Sunday April 2, 'till ten or so

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Party Pictures from 2012

(anybody got some from more recent years?)
... and once again we're playing the Phinney dance this year, on Friday 31 March before the Party, this time with Lee Anne Welch and Bandemonium! with Susie Kendig calling (yay!!) ....
Don't wait to be invited! All who hear are welcome -- I am so done with hearing people say 'I don't mean to crash your party, but ...' You're not crashing, you're invited!!

...but if you must, here's an "invitation" (flyer), done up fancy: (And I'm still not looking older than last year!)

...and the 'small' flyer:

How far back can you remember? Here are some announcements from earlier years -- they start looking familiar after a while, don't they? (Thank you, Molly, for the original design.)
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26 February 2016