Bandemonium! -- fiddle and piano for contra dance

Sound sample (30s, mp3) from Bandemonium! The entire disk is available -- just drop me a line.
Lee Anne christened our band after an early gig where we, as ever, made a lot of noise. The band is Lee Anne Welch and me, just fiddle and piano, the way contra dance music always was and really should be. Don't take my word for it, hear for yourself, or better still come to one of our dances.

The disk

At our Phinney Ridge dance in March, Gerard Hranek ran a magnificent sound board and captured us on a gorgeously clear recording. The contents:

Please note: Some of these tunes are under copyright protection. This disk is not currently distributed commercially. (Free for the asking.) If you are a copyright owner and want compensation -- more than a percentage! -- please let me know. If you have one of these disks, please do not make copies without at least letting me know. (No objections, but I want to keep track of how many copies there are out there.) We retain the copyright on the performance and the arrangements and so on, as someday we may release a commercial recording that includes a live cut or two. Thank you for your understanding. Meanwhile, enjoy.

Upcoming and recent schedule

Recent past history: She and I have also played from time to time with other musicians at San Rafael, in Kennewick WA, at Phinney Ridge in Seattle, and elsewhere.

NOTE: We are not related to a certain East Coast band with a similar name. That would be obvious from a moment's listening. We certainly apologize to our fans if anyone goes East and expects to hear Lee Anne's driving fiddle. And vice versa too; if you show up at one of our dances -- say, Felton in June '06 -- expecting a horn section, I'll cheerfully refund your money.

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Last updated:
24 November 2006